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Are your teams flourishing? Are they achieving the desired results? Are your employees being engaged and motivated at all times? Is your company a model of innovation and inspiration? Read more >

Personal Coaching

How would you like to get up every morning full of energy and ready to tackle the world? Are you living your dream life? Have you identified your goals? Read more >

About Anita Sheehan

Coach and Organizational Development Facilitator Anita worked in a myriad of organizations, from small enterprises to government institutions and large corporations.

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Busting your Gremlins to Boost your Sense of Self-Worth

Do you have Gremlins in your head? I do. Constantly. And they are so busy. They keep telling me that I am not good enough, that I am not smart enough, not witty enough. They also dutifully point out every mistake I make or when I acted too rashly. Argh! In coaching parlance, we call them self-assessments.…

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Self-Worth in Times of the Corona virus

So, here we are:  grounded, all of us.  No more events to attend, no more meetings held, no more travel outside the country, the list goes on and on. Having been around the sun a few times, I have also learned that every situation, no matter how bad it appears…

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